Sunday, 31 August 2014


Welcome to my Happy Place! Its lovely to see you here and I hope more than anything that you enjoy your time here. This is my new place for documenting and sharing the things I love. Sharing with you my love for making. My favorite thing in all the world to do is make things, making things to me covers a broad range of things and isn't confined to just crafty goodness (although crafty goodness is pretty great!). I like to think of making in a way that is all about creating something out of nothing. I love to think of making in a way that is so simple, in fact usually the simpler the make is the more nourishing it is. Making for me has even a greater level of depth when the making turns out to be useful, this is when it becomes a part of the home and enriches our lives in such a meaningful way with homemade and handmade treasures. 

And when it all comes down to it,  I believe that making (whatever it is) is good for the soul.
 I believe that when we make we nourish and feed our souls. 

There is simply something about that feeling when I bake a cake or make the bed or pick some flowers or write a letter or sew a bag or scrapbook our memories or paint a wall or grow some veggies...that makes me feel so good, so happy, so nourished. Something about that feeling just MAKES life wonderful!

And so that is what I am here to share, those little pieces of my life that make me happy that fill my life with so much meaning and create a loving happy life.

So lets get to all that making! xxx