Monday, 30 March 2015

Snail Mail Outgoing

I've been dying to share some snail mail that I sent, mostly because I had so much fun making it and it turned out how I had imagined it (a rare occurrence)!
 I purchased a mail box and painted the inside of it with a few coats of blue and white paint. I added some cute Easter bunting with Washi tape.
 I wrote a letter and stapled it inside of this card that I had made last year, I finally had someone to give it to!
 I made a bunny softie I am making a few more too.
 I added in some little eggs for my pen pals little one.Of course there had to be some polka dots in there!
 I also popped in a bunny jar. When I wrapped this one up it didn't fit so I ended up putting a different one in.
I wrapped everything up in tissue paper and sent it off. I love mailing snail mail that has a theme, ahh so much fun!!!!
My lovely pen pal has made me so many lovely things I must share them here soon!!!
Have you sent any Easter Snail Mail??

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Table Center Peice

I'm terrible with table center pieces, I always forget them for any type of occasion. I always dream of having amazing bunches of gorgeous flowers in the middle of my table but well it never really ends up happening. 
 So this Easter I thought I would make a simple center piece that I could make with things I already have. At the moment I have a circular mobile hanging over the table so I thought a circular center piece made sense.I already had this pink metal container from Ikea so I began with that.
 I cut some bunnies from gold glitter paper and hot glued some sticks to them. Cut a circle from cardboard and then used that to cut some fake grass. I stuffed the container with some newspaper and then layered the cardboard then the grass on top then skewered the bunnies through the grass and used some hot glue to hold the bunnies in place.
 I then added some wool bows to the bunnies and some ribbon and wool to the outside of the container. Lastly I just had to add these cute polka dot gold caramel eggs! Though I won't be able to leave them in there my boys will eat them!
 I really like the idea of having a low center piece so that people can talk over it and still see each other. This was another quick make that really didn't take long and add a little extra to my Easter table!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Door Bunny

Instead of an Easter wreath for my front door I thought it would be cute to hang a bunny on my door.
 Somehow I only managed to get a few photos from the beginning stages of making the bunny but I think you could make a similar one from the pictures
 To make my bunny I used:
a large cardboard box
a texta to draw
a craft knife
hot glue gun
and a handmade paper flower
 I cut extra pieces of cardboard for the ears, eyes, nose. I've used felt on the nose ears and feet and then used paint to create the eyes and mouth
 I've hot glued the the pieces on to the bunny and hot glued the head onto the body and also hot glued some string on the back so that I could tie the bunny onto the door.
 It came together pretty quickly, I think there is still plenty of time to make one for your door. You could decorate the bunny how ever you like, it would be cute with a bow or even make a boy bunny and put a bow tie on him.
I think I might make some eater bunting to go under the bunny to add a little more cuteness to my door!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Something for Sunday

I've been putting together some cute little gifts to give at Easter, just a little something for a few lovely people just to let them know that I'm thinking of them. I used some cute paper bags and simply stapled on some happy project life cards to the front I know the PL cards aren't really Eastery but I will be giving these out to people before Easter and wont be seeing them at Easter time so I feel like that is fine. I popped some cute polka dot eggs inside, a happy little treat.

A simple bit of craftiness that makes me feel like I've done something happy this weekend.
Have you done any crafting this weekend?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

On My Table: Flowers

I have had an abundance of flowers lately which is a little unusual because usually most of the flowers in my home come straight from my garden. But with this long summer there really isn't any flowers in my garden. 
 My lovely friend Nell (hi Nell!) gave me some of the most gorgeous roses from her garden and they were just divine, they smelt divine too and they reminded me so much of my Nana, she used to love flowers too and she always would have flowers on her dining room table and around her home from her garden. My Grandfather used to grow her roses and  all sorts of other flowers but I always remember him growing her sweet peas and it was so sweet of him because they used to give him hay fever and make him sneeze.
 I'd also stumbled across these roses at my local supermarket and just had to treat myself!
The other night my hubby came home with another bunch of flowers just to make my day a little more pink! Oh I have been spoilt but it is always so lovely to be a little spoilt!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

180 Ornament Progress

Well its well into march and I am at 43/180 ornaments!
Still quite a way to go.
 I finally decided on making star ornaments for march and I began making some felt ones but the grey and neon pink polka dot fabric was calling my name much too loudly and I couldn't resist it any longer! Yes the fabric will fray a little the way I am sewing them but that is ok with me at the moment.
I'm still not sure that they go perfectly with the other ornaments but I am happy with them on there own so I am going with that. Somehow they make my heart happy and really that's all that matters :-)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Bunny Jar

This is a fun and cute idea that I found over on Pinterest that I just had to try myself.
 Here is what you will need to make a Bunny Jar:

*Some little animals to go on top, some rabbits, chickens, ducks and lambs would be cute.
*Some clean dry jars.
*Some tissue paper or paper straw.
*Things to decorate your jar with like Washi tape or ribbon.
*Easter eggs to fill your jar with.
*Hot Glue
 Here is how you can make one yourself:

*Find a clean jar, for this one I have used a plain gold lid. I make a few more that had lids with writing on them so I painted them, you could also spray paint them, cover them in paper, cover them in fabric or even washi tape.

*Hot glue your little animal on to the top of the lid.

*Add tissue papper or paper straw to the bottom of the jar.

*Decorate the jar I have used some gold washi tape on this one and a gold paper ribbon.

*Pop some Easter eggs inside the jar I have used eggs with similar colors to give a cohesive look.

*Put the lid on the jar and you are done!
Its such a fun cute way to give an Easter gift this year.
Happy Making!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Savory Crackers

Hello I'm just popping in here with a recipe that I have shared on my personal Facebook page but I thought it would be a cool recipe to have here because they are super simple to make and so yummy!
 Savory Crackers:
2 cups of spelt or plain flour
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 cup of water or just enough to form a dough.
Whatever flavorings you would like. 
We put in sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried herbs really whatever you'd like.

Form a dough with the flour, oil and water. Divide mixture into two. Roll out flat, the thinner you get them the crispier they will be. Bake @180 for about 10 mins. Once cooled brake into biscuit sized pieces and eat with something lovely.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

She Scraps

I got out the paint set again and played with some blues and greens. I think that it is my favourite thing to play with when I get the paints out, I love colour and I love mixing and making new colours, I could do it all day long.
 I had this cute photo of two of my boys and I that I just had to scrap, my hubby has a beard right now and I really should scrap some photos of it because his little bit of facial hair has caused a lot of contoversy, so funny! 
 I used a lot of wood veneer and Heidi Swapp products on this one, I kinda am in love with her products at the moment. I added gold paint to the word 'adore' and then sprinkled some glitter on it to make it all sparkly.
One of the polka dot bags from my last post is tucked in behind the photo and has a project life card with the journaling on it again. Tucked away for little hands to come and find.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On My Table

Last night my gorgeous Hubby bought me home some lovely flowers and came home early, so sweet of him and always nice to have fresh flowers in the house I just love them!
 I am a little obsessed with these paper bags at the moment and  my supply of them just might have to grow some more. Polka dots are taking over the house! I just cant get enough of them!!!
Don't you think these bags would be fabulous for small Easter treats to go in them, yep I think that is what will happen with some of them!
 I went to purchase some fabric the other day and I happened to end up buying not one but three different types of polka dot fabric with only a use for one of them. But hey how could I come home without that neon pink polka dot fabric right!!??
There is so much crafting happening here now, scrapbooking, snail mail, Easter ideas are coming thick and fast and I will be able to share them all with you soon. For now I am going to go and see if the paint has dried on one of my projects!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sh Scraps

Today I've been playing with water colours and paper, I happened across these cute photos of my little guy and I just had to scrap them.
 I had so much fun making this happy rainbow I pulled out a rainbow cupcake liner and was inspired to use the colours on my page.
 The pictures aren't stuck down on the left side and there is a black polka dot paper bag under there that contains a project life card with the journaling on it.
Hope you are having a colourful week!

Monday, 2 March 2015

A Quote

"The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back"
 - Wendy Wunder

Sunday, 1 March 2015

In My Craft Bag

Its Sunday evening here and I have just packed up my craft bag all ready for the weekend so I thought I'd share it with you.
 I've decided on Stars for my 18 ornaments for March and I have  cut a few out and popped some green in the bag too, mostly because that happened to be the only other colour felt that I had here, I think a felt shopping trip is in order! There is also a left over heart ornament to finish off, it is an extra one that I would like to give away, I may have a whole extra set (one of each ornament) at the end that I would love to give away too!
 I've also added in a felt bunny softie that I am making, I'm hoping to share more about it with you soon. I have been brainstorming lots of fun things to make for Easter and I will share them here over March, some are quick makes and a few like the bunny softie take a little more time, not much though and if you are looking for some inspiration its best to start a little early, I usually end up waiting too long and then never get half of what I want to do done. 
So I am all packed up and ready to go with some crafting this week, I am not organised with anything else though, luches and school clothes will probably wait until the morning, whoops!