Sunday, 26 February 2017

Project Life: Week Four

This weeks project life spread happened to be the last week of school holidays and included the Australia day public holiday.
Can you believe we are almost already in March! It goes by so so quickly! The project life app is really really keeping me going. Though I am still undecided about how I am going to print them mostly because I could see myself adding embellishments to these pages, they are a little bare for my liking but if I print them as individual pages I could totally embellish them. If I print them as a book I think I would want to leave them as they are.
Seriously, those two boys jumping in the rain, I must remind myself to do something playful and fun today!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

She Scraps-Best Nine 2016

I thought It would be cool to create a scrapbook layout of my best nine to pop into the end of my 2016 Album, it will be a nice way to finish off the album with some of the things that I loved to make this year! I'm still yet to go through my 2016 album and decide what still needs to be completed and what is already completed. I've kind of just moved on to 2017 and forgotten all about 2016 lol!
I really loved all of the photos that made it into my best nine, I love how colourful they are and apart from the tea they were also some of my favourite projects that I completed in 2016.
With so many pictures I kept the design fairly simple and just matted each photo with some pretty paper and then embellished with a few bits and bobs. I think this will make a great last page for my album!

In My Travellers Notebook

Hello again I'm popping in with a page from my travellers notebook today.
I've been playing with this one in front of the tv and I am really really enjoying it. I'm keeping it simple and I think this would be such a great way to use up all those little bits of leftover papers and things in your stash.
I used acrylic paints on the left side of the page and ended up painting some flowers then adding the text later with the sharpie. I am wishing that I had laid out the text differently but oh well, it is what it is now ;)
I think all of the papers here are from cocoa vanilla, the gold tiny word stickers are from american crafts and that little flower I think is from one of Paige Evans collections.
And this photo is here just because it is pretty!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

She Scraps- Acrylic and Die Cutting

So I dont know but I think I may be addicted to scrapbooking selfies of my hubby and me. Even more now that he has that beard, I mean come on that is one SERIOUS beard! This beard has totally a life of its own and is talked about almost wherever it goes, what makes my hubby happy makes me happy! 
I have been putting my die cutter to use to create some fun colourful flowers. I started by mixing some acrylics and then just painting the colours onto some white card stock, once they were dry I popped them through the die cutter and created a bunch of them that could be layered on my page. 
  I hand cut the leaves and added some enamel dots to the flowers to finish them off. I am loving how colourful this layout ended up being!
The black and white flower paper is cocoa vanilla, the tiny words are freckled fawn and I have just done some hand lettering for the title. I am always happy when there are lots of handmade elements to a page!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Project Life: Week Three

I'm Back with week three of my project life using the app.
Oh this week was so much fun! Blake, my eldest son turned 11 (gasp!!) and all he wanted to do was see the latest Star Wars movie and play in my brothers pool with his cousins. My gorgeous nieces were doing lots of amazing tricks into the pool and I managed to capture some of them on video!
 I am loving that I can just add some photos and some simple journalling and filler cards in the app to finish a page so quickly! I'm not feeling like I am missing the paper aspect of it yet because I am still scrapbooking and playing in my travellers notebook. I definitely don't have that horrible 'I'm behind' feeling that I used to always have. And the few times that I have had that feeling it is remedied in five minutes, because that is how long it takes to catch up. If I wasn't scrapbooking I would probably want to stay doing project life in physical form because I just love paper but that really is not bothering me at all. This is purely about keeping our memories.
So far this is turning out to be an awesome solution for me!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Kellie Stamps and my Travellers Notebook #2

Today I am sharing another page in my travellers notebook. I shared this page on Instagram a little while ago but Kellie had sold out of these stamps, but they are back in stock now so I thought I would pop this page up here!
If you would like to grab a set of these stamps to use with all of your summer memories you can find them here!
I'm having so much fun playing with this notebook, I love the size of it, I love how you can create whatever you like in it- this book could be a bullet journal, a notebook, a planner really just about anything but I'm using it as a kind of pocket size scrapbook and that is so much fun!
I love that it is a perfect size to scrapbook my instax photos
I kept this page pretty simple with a little bit of water colour pencils and paint, I love that the stamps make it easy to not do too much more to the page.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

She Scraps- Valentines Day

Since Valentines day has just been and gone I have been in the mood to scrap some lovey things. Of course I am probably always in that mood but hey it is a good excuse to put 'I love you' on a page!
I had this idea to create a page with something that looks like those candies that you get for valentines day. So I ended up using my silhouette to create these love hearts. I simply found a heart shape and then added some text to the middle of them and cut them. Once cut I coloured them with my water colour paints. Originally I put some matching paper behind the heart for the text but I didn't love it so I went back in a coloured them with my water colour paints in just a bit darker shade.
The black/grey background paper is a close to my heart paper and then I just matted the photo with a bunch of scraps from my scrap box. There are some coco vanilla embellishments and some freckled fawn ones mixed in there too.
Only one problem: I only recently scrapped this one but the photo is from October last year, so do I add it to this years album or lasts? Eeeek!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Project Life: Week Two

So far I am really enjoying doing my project life in the app and it is definitely so much easier to keep up with memory keeping! Getting up here on the blog is another issue all together lol!
 My biggest issue is remembering to take photos during the week, some weeks have ben severely lacking since the start of the year. I was taking so many pictures towards the end of the year I guess that I have fallen off of the bandwagon! 
My journalling isn't perfect but I'm not so worried about it- don't let perfect be the enemy of good, right?! I have been thinking about weather to just get these printed as seperate pages, I feel like they are a little lacking as far as i would normally embellish- I was kind of thinking I could add embellishments to printed pages but probably couldn't if I get them printed in a book. I'm still undecided!

She Scraps!

I've been playing with paper again. This time adding in some handmade embellishments that I created with watercolour paints and coloured pencils.
I love creating my own embellishments, I love that you can make them whatever size and colour that fits your layout. To make these flowers and leaves I just drew them on a seperate piece of paper, I drew lots of them and then coloured them, once they were dry I simply cut them out added a bit of extra coloured pencil and then arranged them how I wanted them.
 I also hand stitched the green circle to create a wreath design. I added papers from coco vanilla and those little butterflies were also from there.
Ahhh paper and paint, I love playing with you!