Sunday, 20 March 2016

Easter Decorating

Over the weekend I had a chance to start on some Easter decorating and I had such a fun time. I'd love to show every little bit to you but here are a few of my favorite spots.
 On my hall table I added my bird cages, a chalkboard canvas and some Easter egg honeycomb hangers. I'm in love with these, I got them from Kmart and they are so much fun, such beautiful bright colours!
 To them I added some tissue paper flowers that I made, I just hot glued them straight on the front.
 I created a flower wall out of tissue paper and a little crape paper. I have wanted to make a flower wall for such a long time, Easter seemed like a great opportunity to do it.
The aqua and silver tassel garland on the mantle is also from Kmart. I added a hanging branch that hangs over our dining room table, I'm really loving this- of course I had to add smaller flowers to this to match the wall!
On my table is a basket of paper mache eggs that I hope to paint some more in the next few days. I am loving that most of my decorating is done now I can enjoy a few smaller crafty projects like these paper mache eggs when ever I feel like it and the boys may even help me.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Easter Cards

I've been making a few Easter cards, I'm trying to keep them quick, simple and effective but for some reason I really struggle with cards. These haven't come easy for me and quite honestly I don't even know if I like them!
Most elements cut with my silhouette.
 I thought It might be fun to try some crape paper as a background.
 Kept this one super simple, the egg is a die cut.
This last one is a shaker card that you can see through.
So there you have my latest attempt at cards. They may need to be more to finally get to a place where I actually like the card ;)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pocket letter

I just posted off a pocket letter this morning, I hope its safe to share here.
This month the theme was quite floral so I ended up playing with paint and painting some flowers.
 I chopped the painting up so that it would fit into the page protector and then added a few goodies in the back of the pocket letter.
 I wrote a letter on a separate pretty piece of paper and folded it up, tied with ribbon and just added it into the envelope. I also added a little extra gift.
On the back I made some larger flowers from felt and then hot glued them on to the back of the page protector, this worked because the openings fro each pocket are on the front so I was still able to add bits and bobs into the pockets. I'm pretty sure that the recipient will be able to take them off and use them.I hope she likes it!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

In My Memory Planner #2

I am mostly caught up with my memory planner being a week or two behind it not enough to make me feel overwhelmed, yet. In the next few days I plan to get back to it I have found a few things that help me keep on top of it and I thought I would share.
* Firstly have an easy way to print your photos if you want to include them, otherwise it will be a huge stumbling block. I have decided to stick with printing mine with my instax printer. Which means I don't need to worry about things like going to get photos printed or always having printing paper and ink here, as long as I have a supply of instax here then I'm good to go!
* Keep supplies simple and flat- this means stickers, stamps and washi tape are my go to supplies for my planner. It means that I don't have to riffle through all my supplies and it keeps the memory planner without bumps, it is a tad bit annoying to be working on a page that has a bumpy back
* Journaling in bullet points makes it fast to record lots of memories. I'm not super worried about having perfect writing (but I should probably work on it) I am more concerned with getting quick memory jolts in there that can help me remember what we were doing that day, including the boring things.
* My last tip would be for those who struggle to keep on top of an ongoing project like this is to look at your calendar and work out when you can allow time for it, then set alarms on your phone! this year I have put alarms for printing monthly photos and for sitting down to do project life and it has made a world of difference. We plan for all the things we hate to do- appointments and meetings we should also plan for things we love to do.
*Also my motto 'perfection doesn't live here- joy does!!' leave perfection behind and just make something !

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bunny Bags!

Recently a lovely instagramer, bespokeoutlaw had made some cute bunny bags, she posted a few photos of them, they were so bright and cute and just adorable and I couldn't stop thinking about them. I decided that I HAD to have a go at them! I love it when inspiration hits like that and something actually comes from it!
 After a quick trip to the craft store I whipped up these six in an afternoon. I'm kinda hoping there will be more.Right now I have just enough for some sweet little girls in my life but I can think of a  few more people who I would like to gift these to at Easter.
 So here is a closer look at each one:

They are a fun way to use up lefter over scraps of fabric or have a little fun buying some pretty new pieces of fabric. I love this kind of quick project that you can kind of production line to make a few of them. Hopefully I will find some time to make some more really soon. 
Have you started making any Easter crafts?