Monday, 29 September 2014

She Scraps

I thought I would pop in with a catch up Scrappy Share. 
 Because I've been doing project life this year I feel like its given me the freedom to scrap the photos that I really want to scrap rather than needing to scrap all of our photos to tell our story.
(This page uses: gold glitter paper, studio calico enamel dots, kaiser craft tags, francheville cork stickers and lace etc)
 As you can see one of my very favorite things to scrap is pictures of Paul (my hubby) and I. On the page above the big yellow piece of paper lifts up to reveal more photos and journaling underneath.
(this page uses: a whole big pile of Heidi Swapp products)
 All of the hearts on the page above are hand drawn and are painted with watercolours and gelato. My little Lukey is also one of my favorite subjects to scrap, his loving energy just oozes from him and that makes it easy to scrap pages about him. 
(this page uses: some ctmh bits, some old stuff from my stash, white card stock AC and handmade embellishments)
And finally there has been some catching up on project life and keeping it super simple. This was Paul's first adventure on his new little boat. Lots of fun!
(lots of white card stock and studio calico embellishments)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mamie Made Christmas: Bath Mitts

I know what you are thinking: its way too early to be thinking about Christmas! But people if you are going to be making anything for Christmas its time to start thinking about it. I had known for a long time that I wanted to give more crafty stuff this year and when I saw this pattern on One Craft Mumma I just knew that these would go perfectly with the soaps I had already made. 
If you would like to make them too you can find the pattern here
 So I thought over the coming weeks I would share some of the cChristmas organisation (aka making) happening here. I have already made a decent start on some crafty things and have a list of things that I would love to make.
 Back to Bath Mitts! I used sugar n cream cotton I had never used it before and really enjoyed working with it, like I must get my hands on some more soon! The colours are so luscious and bright, I love that.
 I think my ice cream soaps go so nicely with them, lots of lovely stripes of colour.
 Can you tell I loved making these, they are a really simple make, you know that is my very favourite kind of make right?
Hope you are having a bright and colourful Saturday.
Have you planed to make anything for Christmas or are you already well on your way to a more handmade Christmas?

Sunday She Scraps

Scrapbooking is the ultimate in making that really makes my soul happy, so I thought I might try to share  any scrapbooking that I've done  on a Sunday. 
I feel like keeping our memories in a creative way is such a lovely thing to do. I tend to keep my Project Life pages fairly simple and generally spend a little more time on traditional pages and try to be more creative with them.
 This week I managed to catch up on one week, I think I am about 6-8 weeks behind, which isn't too bad but as we near the end of the year I would like to be on top of it as the end of the year can get quite busy.
This week was a fairly full week and I had quite a few photos, I find PL much easier when I have lots of photos and not to many spaces to fill in. So this layout came together fairly quickly and I am loving all the pinks on the (top) left side.
Are you a Project Lifer or a Scrapbooker or both or none?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

On My Table: Paper Flowers

Going with my spring theme I thought I would share my paper flowers.
I have made so many paper flowers, I used to make them when I was little and for some reason I always love them, cutting up some paper to make something bright is always one of my favorite things to do. These have ended up on my dining room table.
I had some sitting here that were quite old and looking a little faded so yesterday I thought it was time to make a fresh batch!
 I call them paper flowers but really these ones have all sorts in them including felt, tulle and cellophane. Of course they have lots of different types of paper tissue paper, scrap-booking paper, doilies, wrapping paper and even patty pans, my fave!They would be an awesome fun crafty thing to do with kids, too bad I have boys!!
 These would also be totally awesome on top of a gift, on a garland or just displayed as a bunch like I have.
 Its always nice to have a fresh pop of colour around the home and these are truly one of the simplest makes of them all!
Whats on your table this Friday?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Snail Mail #2

Some more Snail Mail went out last week and I can share it here now. Since I've been having a "thing" with yellow and blue and spring I went with it and gave my snail mail a spring theme.
 It all began with a letter written on a long piece of card stock which I added yet again (surprise surprise) butterflies too, I think I might just be a little obsessed with them at the moment! I adheared yellow polka dot  paper to the back of the letter and folded it all up like a little parcel.
 I added a tissue paper flower to the letter and folded it all up and popped it into this handmade envelope that I made to match.
 I added a small bunch of  blue project life cards
 And I also added one of my Handmade ice cream soaps, this one happens to be called 'Spring Kiss'
I'm enjoying this process so much, it is especially nice to have a girl to send something to, when you live in a house full of boys its nice to do some girl things!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mamie Made: Spring Bunting

Spring Has Sprung! Here in my little town we are having lots of nice sunshiny days with only a few rainy ones in between. My son suggested that we put something pretty on the door (it was a proud mummy moment!)  he said the front door was looking bare, so who was I to refuse him!
 Well I finally decided on some bunting  but once I had made it I found that it was too big for the front door so I have hung it in our family room and it has cheered things up!
 Late last week I received an early birthday pressie, a silhouette!!! So I did use it to cut some of the parts of the bunting, the letters, the scalloped circles and the butterflies. The letters and the butterflies were all sprayed with some Heidi Swapp colour-shine, it gives such a pretty effect all shimmery and lovely.
I'm also loving making these tissue paper flowers, I remember making something similar when I was a kid, they are super simple and so much fun and they added some nice contrast to the yellow bunting. You can make them with different coloured layers too or even put something pretty in the center to give them an extra pop.
Don't worry I made another one exactly the same just a little smaller and hung it on my front door, its looking just as sweet and happy.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mamie Made: Candles

Keep in mind that I am a complete newbie at this, and this is my very first attempt....I made candles!
I've been playing with making some of my own unscented beeswax candles!
 I bought some cute milk bottles to make them in but when I got them home I was suddenly worried that the taper in the glass might mean that there is not enough air and they wouldn't burn so I also tried a glass. But the milk bottle did work and did burn nicely
 This milk bottle one took a little while to master as the bees wax split when setting so I had to re melt it a few times. Since then I've found that I just need a warmer day and let them set on the window sill with the sun shining on them.
 Hopefully I will get some time soon to make a few more candles, they are a simple and fun make!
They especially make my heart happy when you see them burning , lighting up and bringing warmth to my home. I'm thinking that they might make nice Christmas Gifts.

Monday, 8 September 2014

On My Table

Just a few pictures from around my home at the moment.
 So much lavender around my home at the moment. It has been blooming throughout winter.
Wondering weather to make these into a garland or just add string and hang them on this years Christmas tree.
 Loving that spring is springing even though I love winter so much these warmer , blue sunshine days are nice.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Snail Mail: Out-going.

I recently joined up with One Crafty Mumma's creative pen pal swap, you can sign up here, I believe she is still taking sign ups if you'd like to join in. Its been so much fun sending and receiving mail, so much nicer than all those bills that come in the mail.
 I'm about to send off my second letter so I thought I would share my first one in detail here.I had so much fun making this little card and it all began with a misting of colour shine! Gold colour shine and then some stitched pockets which I put three little cards with my letter on them.
 I have so many little butterfly things around so I added lots of butterflies to my letter and some tags and string.
 I had a some post packs here in my stash so I sat down with my water colour paints and painted the back and the front of the package and continued with my butterfly theme.
 I added some 'Mamie" colours to the back of the envelope, the water colours dried really quickly on the post pack and it was a super fast way to colour the envelope. I popped my card inside and posted it off- loving it!
Since its September and that means Spring here I am thinking that my next letter will have a Spring theme.
Happy Monday! xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mamie Made: Note Pads

I've been thinking about Christmas presents here for a while now, you see if you are going to make some special things to give it takes some time to do. So I recently came across the idea of making a note pad a little more special to give as a gift and here is what I came up with.
 Each of these has a notepad in the middle, a simple pad to write notes or list on. I'm always looking for a piece of paper to write something quickly down on. I think these would even be perfect to pop in my handbag for notes when I'm out, and all those fabulous ideas I think of  ;-)
 Also each of them has a little sewn in pocket but just remember if you are going to run paper through your sewing machine not to put double sided tape where you are going to sew. My sewing machine was out of action for a while after sewing these up because I sewed through a little bit of tape and got my machine all sticky!
 I will be whipping up a few more now that my machine is back in action. I'm pretty sure that my boys would love one of these each in there stockings this year. they both love doodling and writing on bits of paper!
 This next one is a bit larger, I bought a letter writing pad and added it to this one. It also has two pockets one on either side, in one side I popped some envelopes in and the other side has a couple of cards in it.
 They were all made with some paper and embellishments that I had on hand, a really great stash buster! I happened to get my hands on these black paper pads but I also have some white lined pads that I want to embellish here too.
I hand stitched this  felt heart on to give this note pad a little something extra.
 Also I adhered a piece of scrap paper over the top of the first page to help make it look a little prettier. I think I'll add a pen when I give these as gifts so the recipient can get list making asap!
 All this from a few cheap notepads from the news agent!
So there are four small gifts already done for Christmas, Ill be  putting them away so that I'm not tempted to use them before then!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mamie Made a: Dream Catcher

I love Pinterest, I am so often pinning things that I would love to try making and a dream catcher was one of them. I had seen so many wonderfully creative and pretty dream catchers some with beautiful ribbon and bows and some even with cute tassels. So it was time to give it a go and try making my own cute dream catcher.
I had collected things to add to my dream catcher some feathers, wool, cotton, bead and a metal hoop. But my dream catcher ideas did evolve and I had originally tried making some pink tassels and some feathers with gold glitter on them but these things didn't finish up on it in the end.
I also ended up adding a second hoop that I wasn't originally planning on but on the morning of my making my eldest son Blake informed me that one circle is for good dreams and one is for bad, I'm not sure how true this is (or how much I believe in it) but I wasn't about to go against my new professor in dream catchers!

  This make didn't take long to whip up, may be a total of 1 1/2 hours, the longest part was wrapping the wool around the hoops an threading the beads onto the wool.
I hung my dream catcher in a few places before I finally decided to hang it in our bedroom, and I have to say I am totally loving it in there. It is quite large the big hoop is about 30cm across. Not only was this a super fun make it was also really a cheap make the hoop cost about $2 and the feathers came in a bag (I have a tonne left over)for about $2 and the rest I already had on hand here.
I'm loving my dream catcher and loving Pinterest for inspiring me to give it a go!
 Have you made anything inspired by Pinterest or do you just have a tonne of things you would like to make.