Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Snail Mail #2

Some more Snail Mail went out last week and I can share it here now. Since I've been having a "thing" with yellow and blue and spring I went with it and gave my snail mail a spring theme.
 It all began with a letter written on a long piece of card stock which I added yet again (surprise surprise) butterflies too, I think I might just be a little obsessed with them at the moment! I adheared yellow polka dot  paper to the back of the letter and folded it all up like a little parcel.
 I added a tissue paper flower to the letter and folded it all up and popped it into this handmade envelope that I made to match.
 I added a small bunch of  blue project life cards
 And I also added one of my Handmade ice cream soaps, this one happens to be called 'Spring Kiss'
I'm enjoying this process so much, it is especially nice to have a girl to send something to, when you live in a house full of boys its nice to do some girl things!

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