Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Snail Mail Out Going

I sent this a little while ago now but I thought I would still share it here, better late than never!
Recently I sent off another parcel to my pen pal Sara
 I had been wanting to make a felt envelope for so long and I finally found the time to do it. I loved making it and it is a fun way to keep some letters.
I also added in a blue felt tea cup because I knew that my pen pal Sara would like one. I have been thinking that this would look really cute in traditional Christmas colours of red and white so hopefully I can get around to making some for gifts.

  I added in some paperclips I recently found, some washi tape, a handmade stamp and of course the teacup and my letter.

I added some washi tape to the front and back of the package and popped everything inside and sent it all off.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mamie Made Stamps

I've recently been making my own little stamps, of course I was inspired by some lovely pictures on pinterest of beautifully carved stamps.
 I have done some lino cutting courses so I thought I would get out my old tools and give it a go.
When I went to find them of course I couldn't, so I bought some new ones. They are relatively cheap I think these three cost about $16 (find them here)and the rubber to make the stamps were $18(find that here) for an A4 piece or about $8 for a 10x10cm piece.  
 The only other things you'll need if you'd like to try our making your own stamps are a ruler, a stanley knife, a pen, a cutting mat (or a chopping board) and some stamping ink, which you can pick up cheaply at a news agent. If you have ever done any lino cutting you will find this much easier, the rubber is not as firm as lino so it is very easy to carve.
I've had fun carving tea cups, houses, envelopes and even some words but just remember if you carve words that you will need to carve them backwards so that they stamp the right way.
I am hoping to make lots more fun stamps to use for snail mail and cards.
Here is some from Pinterest that inspired me!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Pictures from May

This May...
 There were presents wrapped
 There was chrysanthemums enjoyed
 There was some with tea.
 There was some reading of this lovely snail mail book by Michelle Mackintosh.
 There was a m and m covered birthday cake for my hubby.
 There was a game of mouse trap
 There was some sailing.
 There was some yummy food
And there was tea, always tea. 
It was especially nice in a pink sweetheart cup.