Sunday, 31 January 2016

In My Journal

I recently bought this little pen pouch from Kmart, I've moved a few of the things that were in there and added some of my own things. I had wanted something that could hold pens and scissors but also some stickers and things for my memory planner and for my journal.
I love having so many bright coloured pens to use, its so much more fun! I ended up adding the word love to the front of the pouch from some freckled fawn stickers, I may just decorate it a little more but for now it is perfect to pop into my bag when I am on the go.
I'm loving that my Journal is super easy (light) to bring along with me everywhere. I finally settled on the Bullet Journaling method for this year and I am loving it. Before I had seen this method of journaling I made this calendar printout that I thought would be great- turns out it fitted right in to the Bullet Journal system and so I will be printing out a few more
It has really helped me to keep track of the things that I want to achieve each month and is helping me to be much more productive throughout the day. I tend to find it easy to get distracted as the day progresses and this style of  journal really helps me bring things back to focus. I also love that this style of journaling is so versatile and I'm finding it great to have everything in the one place!
And also who wouldn't love a rainbow of hearts ?!!!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Little House

There has been some snail mail leaving this home lately. I bought this little house and painted it for my lovely pen pal as a little housewarming gift. (Hey Sara!!)
 I just had to add polka dots and lace.
 It can hold some keys inside and can be hung up with a little hook that is on the back.
I love simple little projects like this and I hope my lovely pen pal liked it.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

More Cards

One of the simplest ways to make a quick card it to use 3x4 project life cards. They have some awesome designs and they can be easily added to. Often the card that I make someone as I am walking out the door is a project life card simply stuck onto some plain card stock. since I had a little bit of time I added just a little something to each card. For the base I've used a pack of cards that I bought at spotlight, they are american craft cards that simply have a cute pattern on the front- ready for you to do whatever you would like to do with them.All of these project life cards are from the Heidi Swapp September skies range.
 >>added a simple stamp
 >> This YAY word sticker is from freckled fawn
 >>Puffy stickers, lace and a stamp
 >>enamel dots
 >> small tab and a little sentiment
>> Stamp and some lace.
Now my little card pile is growing, YAY!!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Pocket Letter

I'm still participating in a monthly pocket letter swap that is happening on the Scrapping clearly facebook page. This month theme was New Year, there was lots of gold and black on the inspiration picture so I just went with that
 Some months I find it easier than others, this moth I kept it simple. My biggest hurdle is getting it done in the time frame- I keep promising myself that I will do it at the start of the month but the month just goes so quickly.
In the back pockets I've popped some ribbon , stars, heart tape, tea and a choccie. Its such a fun way to get something nice in the mail.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Travelers Notebooks

I've been making some little travelers notebooks (aka midori's) In basic terms they are a cover which has elastic running down the middle so that you can pop some small notebooks inside and change them as you use them.What I love about them is that they are not as heavy as some of the planners which means that they can go with me in my bag where ever I go. I usually leave the little note books (like the ones below) completely blank - not lined so that I can do whatever I like in them. I used mine mostly last year when ever I needed to write a list or write a note to myself. 
So here are six new little note books that I whipped up, simply by cutting some white A4 paper down to the size I wanted and then adding some scrapbook paper to the outside and then running them through my sewing machine. Doing it this way means that you cant put too many pages in each notebook but since I can fit at least four in my travelers notebook it doesn't bother me.
Below are the covers- eight of them. I made a pile of them with some stuff (technical term ha haa) that I found at spotlight, it is a paper/fabric and it is quite sturdy. I used some fabric mod podge to adhere fabric to the paper/fabric then once it was dry I sewed around the edges so that the fabric wont fray too much. Then just pierced holes in the top and bottom and added some elastic. I like to have two lines of elastic so that I can put notebooks on each.
Then just sewed the notebooks and added something cute to the front of each one
You can see here that I added a button where I fastened the elastic at the bottom and I also added two holes so that I could have a piece of elastic to hold the travelers notebooks closed.
I've only ended up finishing four of them, these ones happen to be gifts for friends. Except the pretty one on top, that one is mine! This year I think this is what I will use as a planner, I might even have one note book per month. There is so much that you can do with them- endless possibilities.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


This year I would really like to not have to buy cards. I seem to always leave it to the last minute to make them, like when we are walking out the door to see someone for their birthday. Its crazy!
I'm determined to have a small pile of cards here to use, even if I am writing in them at the last minute! So I've started by making these three and I couldn't help myself but to make them a little pink and girly, I know that I'm going to have to make other types of cards because not all of my recipients will be happy with a pretty card. I have boys!! :)
 I find them kinda tricky to make- I struggle with design and how much to add to them and I feel like I spend ages on something that turns out kinda simple in the end. Oh well I can only get better from here. 
 It's always fun to play with paper so hopefully I will have myself a nice little pile of crafty cards sitting on my table ready to go soon!

She Scraps

I'm still crushing on Crate Paper's 'Hello Love'  papers, I may just use them all up very quickly! they are just so pretty and I love the combination of black and white with pinks.
 I painted with acrylics this wreath in sections, fussy cut them and then joined them up on the page. Also just painted the title, I wrote a whole pile of words on a page until I was happy with how one looked then cut it out and adhered it to the page
 Keeping the paint theme, I painted straight onto the patterned paper on this one- I love how you can still see the little polka dots and hearts through the paint.
 I've only purchased the paper pad from this range so I just cut up one of the pages to use as embellishments. There is a little bit from some freckled fawn kits too.
I'm loving scrapping these memories from last year. It totally makes me happy!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

In My Memory Planner

Do you every buy note books/journals/ planners because they are super pretty and then become paralyzed by actually doing anything in them because you don't want to ruin them? I often do this but I had an attack of this when I got my  Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I must say that I could not help but buy one when all the memory planners last year looked just gorgeous! Once I opened up and started to think about how I was going to use it I became super confused my question was (and may be still is) is this a planner or a memory keeper???? Memory suggests that you will be documenting what has been  but I usually use my planner for keeping me on track and writing ideas and appointments down- planning for the future.
As I looked around at others memory planners I decided that this was about memory keeping in  a pretty yet quick way. I may just be overwhelming myself with different documenting styles- why is it that we always want to do all of them. So I guess that this year I am doing some combination of scrapbooking and Project Life, keeping a memory planner and also I have been documenting my photos with a photo a day app, which has been the simplest way to keep track of all the shenanigans that happen throughout the year.
I guess that I also need to add in a planner of some description where I can write down ideas, to do lists and appointments etc. I may be a little late already in the year (oh my its late January!!!)to be finally deciding on what I am doing with myself but hey better late than never- and with the kids still home I am still in holiday mode!
Back to my memory planner, I've had fun setting it up and adding things to it, I bought the Heidi Swapp gold polka dot Memory planner and I've begun to add memories and fill out each day.
Its nice to have such an easy way to document the simple happy days that happen here!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bright and Colourful Dishcloths!

I am not the worlds best crotcheter, I can barely read a pattern so I do really love to make simple and useful items.
 I Love making Dishcloths, they are so easy and fun and there is no pressure to make them perfect! Im not perfectionist either, Id rather go with the flow and enjoy the journey.
 Two dishcloths quickly became four then five. There may even be more.

I'm just loving all of those bright fun colours, they just make you want to make more!!
These are headed straight to the kitchen!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

She Scraps

Its always fun to get out the paper and do a little scrapping and since it is school holidays its nice to be a little more relaxed and have a little more time to scrap.
I picked up the 'hello love' crate paper pad at spotlight last week but the paper lends itself to either valentines pages or girly pages. I'm not going to let that stop me that stop me though! I've already made a little pile of things ;)
As much as I love some pretty papers I am always trying to add handmade or hand done to my pages, water colour is a really simple way of doing that for me so I added some pretty blue to the background of this one.

This photo makes me happy whenever I see it! Not only does it bring back happy memories but I also love that my hubby will take selfies with me, he's the best!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

A little crotchet

 I recently bought some yarn to make some dishcloths in bright fun colours to make my kitchen an even happier place. some how I got side tracked and made this little bowl first.
 I kinda think its cute, it will make a nice addition to the craft room. So I guess that I'm making my craft room a more colourful place instead.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

On My Table

The view in my craft room early in the week
 Snail Mail landed on my table. I'm pretty spoilt by my gorgeous pen pal!
 Opening my new (kmart) pencil case and dreaming about all the things I might put in there.
 Making little baskets of fun things to carry around the house and craft with.
 On my dining table agapanthus from my garden. Loving the colour of them.
 Playing with pens and paper while drinking tea!
Life is pretty good :)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

She Scraps- Catching up

I've been getting back int to the scrapbooking grove, something about the new year does that to me. I love having a fresh start to things, a new album and new hopes for completing a new album, even though I'm not yet finished the last album!
 I just had to scrap this photo we took on Christmas day, we were all having such an awesome day! of course this one will be popped into my 2015 album so its good to be getting going with finishing it off because I have a bit to go.
 I kept this next one kinda simple- In the hopes of just getting things done! Though I did paint those flowers and leaves.I always love it when I manage to get a handmade element on my pages.
 There will be lots more catch up pages coming soon, I think last year I only made it to about March or April. I got a little caught up with making 180 ornaments and not much scrapping happened after that.
So right now I am enjoying a mix of catching up and starting fresh and I am totally ok with a mix of both.