Sunday, 31 January 2016

In My Journal

I recently bought this little pen pouch from Kmart, I've moved a few of the things that were in there and added some of my own things. I had wanted something that could hold pens and scissors but also some stickers and things for my memory planner and for my journal.
I love having so many bright coloured pens to use, its so much more fun! I ended up adding the word love to the front of the pouch from some freckled fawn stickers, I may just decorate it a little more but for now it is perfect to pop into my bag when I am on the go.
I'm loving that my Journal is super easy (light) to bring along with me everywhere. I finally settled on the Bullet Journaling method for this year and I am loving it. Before I had seen this method of journaling I made this calendar printout that I thought would be great- turns out it fitted right in to the Bullet Journal system and so I will be printing out a few more
It has really helped me to keep track of the things that I want to achieve each month and is helping me to be much more productive throughout the day. I tend to find it easy to get distracted as the day progresses and this style of  journal really helps me bring things back to focus. I also love that this style of journaling is so versatile and I'm finding it great to have everything in the one place!
And also who wouldn't love a rainbow of hearts ?!!!

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