Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Project Life

Can you believe we are almost half way through February! AHHHH! Since school went back the days have flown by! My biggest crafty goal right now is to get more organised for these school days, I spend 3 hours in the car everyday doing the school run and there is 40 minutes either end that I could be crafting in. My biggest problem is that I've been a little wishy washy on what I've been taking with me. Its time to set up some grab and go kits with more specific crafty things to work on. Anyway I'm still plugging away at project life 2015 and I'm simplifying as much as I can. 
Photos + Words, then adding just a little embellishment, if I feel like it ;)
 I'm all the way back finishing February and March! EEEKK! oh well I will keep going! Somewhere along the way I want to be on top of this years pages- I don't want to get this behind again!
I just love going through the photos and looking back on just how much we did throughout the year- it always astounds me because I know that many of the things that we do are not even photographed! I forget so many times because I am just happy and living in the moment, I have to keep reminding myself to take photos!
 I love to have bits of my ordinary days throughout the album- so much of my life is all about the small things, like tea with friends and happy spots at home. It makes me happy to have that stuff documented too.
Although this album is a project life album and I do have it organised month by month I am not super particular about doing it week by week, really I just printout the photos for that month and then just work out what goes with what. I am more about the memories than about the timeline, I just don't think that I am going to look back and worry about exactly what order things are in.

I also really love adding in scrapbook pages that I made throughout the year, I love having a full page then a project life page and this is also one of the ways that I simplify things. If I am feeling in the mood to create a full scrapbook page I just go with it, I like how it adds something different to the album.
I've been doing a lot of this scraping whilst watching Gilmore Girls and drinking tea. Although I am behind still and I am groaning (just a little) about having to catch up, this is still one of my favorite ways to document our lives. My boys love to look through these albums and that in itself makes it totally worth a little grumbling!

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