Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Cross Stitch Kit

My pen pal Sara sent me this cute cross stitch kit for Xmas and I was super excited because I had been wanting to try cross stitch for such a long time and had been drooling over other cross stitchers beautiful work.
 I'm a huge fan of a kit, I love that everything is ready to go, you don't have to think about it much and you know at the end you are going to have made something cute. It makes life super easy and helps to take the overwhelm out of making something.
 This kit came along with me in the car and was a fun activity to do while waiting for my son to come after school. I love that there was everything in the kit to make a few different designs and if you wanted to you could even design your own.
I loved making this little reindeer and I think that there will be more to come. I cant wait to hang this one up at Christmas time!I may just have caught the cross stitching bug!

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