Sunday, 24 January 2016

Travelers Notebooks

I've been making some little travelers notebooks (aka midori's) In basic terms they are a cover which has elastic running down the middle so that you can pop some small notebooks inside and change them as you use them.What I love about them is that they are not as heavy as some of the planners which means that they can go with me in my bag where ever I go. I usually leave the little note books (like the ones below) completely blank - not lined so that I can do whatever I like in them. I used mine mostly last year when ever I needed to write a list or write a note to myself. 
So here are six new little note books that I whipped up, simply by cutting some white A4 paper down to the size I wanted and then adding some scrapbook paper to the outside and then running them through my sewing machine. Doing it this way means that you cant put too many pages in each notebook but since I can fit at least four in my travelers notebook it doesn't bother me.
Below are the covers- eight of them. I made a pile of them with some stuff (technical term ha haa) that I found at spotlight, it is a paper/fabric and it is quite sturdy. I used some fabric mod podge to adhere fabric to the paper/fabric then once it was dry I sewed around the edges so that the fabric wont fray too much. Then just pierced holes in the top and bottom and added some elastic. I like to have two lines of elastic so that I can put notebooks on each.
Then just sewed the notebooks and added something cute to the front of each one
You can see here that I added a button where I fastened the elastic at the bottom and I also added two holes so that I could have a piece of elastic to hold the travelers notebooks closed.
I've only ended up finishing four of them, these ones happen to be gifts for friends. Except the pretty one on top, that one is mine! This year I think this is what I will use as a planner, I might even have one note book per month. There is so much that you can do with them- endless possibilities.

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