Monday, 4 January 2016

A head full of dreams

I love this time of year, I'm slowly easing myself into the new year. We have been away on a beachy holiday so there is a super relaxed feel going on here. What I love most about this time of year is dreaming up all the wonderful things that I might like to do in the year ahead. For me over time I have realized that there is just no point in making restrictive resolutions, it only hurts my soul. So instead I love to dream up all the wonderful things I would like to do and if they don't happen, oh well! Its not a problem! This year I am dreaming of lots of fun crafty things. Last year my crafty goal was to complete 180 ornaments and that I did, more or less. And I am so glad that I didn't make any more because they didn't quite all make it onto my tree, don't worry though they will not go to waste!
 They totally would have if I had just stuck to the tree that I was going to put them on but when the chance to have my own first real life Christmas tree came up I just couldn't pass up the chance and I must say it was totally MAGICAL and there were happy tears ( a total dream come true) and it will be happening again because I LOVED IT!!!! But it didn't need quite that many ornaments. Anyway I digress, the 180 ornament project took up a lot of my crafting time last year and I spent a lot of time from September till Christmas making so many Christmas crafty things, I quite possibly got a little obsessive about it and I  pretty much forgot about this space! So I am really looking forward to doing some other fun crafty things this year and getting back into the swing of things.

Some things I am looking forward to doing this year are:
Finishing my December Daily Album
Getting some fun snail mail happening
Using my memory planner- though I am still deciding on how to document this year
I have some fun felt plans and gifts to make
Id love to try doing some cross stitch
I'm dying to finish some travelers notebooks that were supposed to be xmas gifts (reminder finish making things early!!)
and I miss sewing!!
And I have a year long project that I am still deciding weather to attempt or not!

So that's where I am at, still dreaming of all the fab things that I might or might not do this year and just enjoying the beautiful dreamy stage.

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