Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mamie Made: Candles

Keep in mind that I am a complete newbie at this, and this is my very first attempt....I made candles!
I've been playing with making some of my own unscented beeswax candles!
 I bought some cute milk bottles to make them in but when I got them home I was suddenly worried that the taper in the glass might mean that there is not enough air and they wouldn't burn so I also tried a glass. But the milk bottle did work and did burn nicely
 This milk bottle one took a little while to master as the bees wax split when setting so I had to re melt it a few times. Since then I've found that I just need a warmer day and let them set on the window sill with the sun shining on them.
 Hopefully I will get some time soon to make a few more candles, they are a simple and fun make!
They especially make my heart happy when you see them burning , lighting up and bringing warmth to my home. I'm thinking that they might make nice Christmas Gifts.

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