Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mamie Made: Note Pads

I've been thinking about Christmas presents here for a while now, you see if you are going to make some special things to give it takes some time to do. So I recently came across the idea of making a note pad a little more special to give as a gift and here is what I came up with.
 Each of these has a notepad in the middle, a simple pad to write notes or list on. I'm always looking for a piece of paper to write something quickly down on. I think these would even be perfect to pop in my handbag for notes when I'm out, and all those fabulous ideas I think of  ;-)
 Also each of them has a little sewn in pocket but just remember if you are going to run paper through your sewing machine not to put double sided tape where you are going to sew. My sewing machine was out of action for a while after sewing these up because I sewed through a little bit of tape and got my machine all sticky!
 I will be whipping up a few more now that my machine is back in action. I'm pretty sure that my boys would love one of these each in there stockings this year. they both love doodling and writing on bits of paper!
 This next one is a bit larger, I bought a letter writing pad and added it to this one. It also has two pockets one on either side, in one side I popped some envelopes in and the other side has a couple of cards in it.
 They were all made with some paper and embellishments that I had on hand, a really great stash buster! I happened to get my hands on these black paper pads but I also have some white lined pads that I want to embellish here too.
I hand stitched this  felt heart on to give this note pad a little something extra.
 Also I adhered a piece of scrap paper over the top of the first page to help make it look a little prettier. I think I'll add a pen when I give these as gifts so the recipient can get list making asap!
 All this from a few cheap notepads from the news agent!
So there are four small gifts already done for Christmas, Ill be  putting them away so that I'm not tempted to use them before then!


  1. These look fantastic, what a great idea. Do you have a tutorial on how to make them?

    1. Not yet Janine, would you like me to make one? :-)