Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday She Scraps

Scrapbooking is the ultimate in making that really makes my soul happy, so I thought I might try to share  any scrapbooking that I've done  on a Sunday. 
I feel like keeping our memories in a creative way is such a lovely thing to do. I tend to keep my Project Life pages fairly simple and generally spend a little more time on traditional pages and try to be more creative with them.
 This week I managed to catch up on one week, I think I am about 6-8 weeks behind, which isn't too bad but as we near the end of the year I would like to be on top of it as the end of the year can get quite busy.
This week was a fairly full week and I had quite a few photos, I find PL much easier when I have lots of photos and not to many spaces to fill in. So this layout came together fairly quickly and I am loving all the pinks on the (top) left side.
Are you a Project Lifer or a Scrapbooker or both or none?

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