Sunday, 7 September 2014

Snail Mail: Out-going.

I recently joined up with One Crafty Mumma's creative pen pal swap, you can sign up here, I believe she is still taking sign ups if you'd like to join in. Its been so much fun sending and receiving mail, so much nicer than all those bills that come in the mail.
 I'm about to send off my second letter so I thought I would share my first one in detail here.I had so much fun making this little card and it all began with a misting of colour shine! Gold colour shine and then some stitched pockets which I put three little cards with my letter on them.
 I have so many little butterfly things around so I added lots of butterflies to my letter and some tags and string.
 I had a some post packs here in my stash so I sat down with my water colour paints and painted the back and the front of the package and continued with my butterfly theme.
 I added some 'Mamie" colours to the back of the envelope, the water colours dried really quickly on the post pack and it was a super fast way to colour the envelope. I popped my card inside and posted it off- loving it!
Since its September and that means Spring here I am thinking that my next letter will have a Spring theme.
Happy Monday! xx


  1. Your recipient is very lucky - I love your mail art! I have now been inspired to make something fun today for my next pen pal letter. Thankyou!

  2. Good luck with the new blog. Your pen pal will be thrilled with a lovely artsy letter.

  3. Very creative! Your pen pal is very lucky! I had a thought to join up this swap too, but eventually decided that I won't have enough time for this. But this is something worth trying for sure.

  4. All very lovely. Your pen pal will be delighted.