Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pocket letter

I just posted off a pocket letter this morning, I hope its safe to share here.
This month the theme was quite floral so I ended up playing with paint and painting some flowers.
 I chopped the painting up so that it would fit into the page protector and then added a few goodies in the back of the pocket letter.
 I wrote a letter on a separate pretty piece of paper and folded it up, tied with ribbon and just added it into the envelope. I also added a little extra gift.
On the back I made some larger flowers from felt and then hot glued them on to the back of the page protector, this worked because the openings fro each pocket are on the front so I was still able to add bits and bobs into the pockets. I'm pretty sure that the recipient will be able to take them off and use them.I hope she likes it!!

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