Sunday, 20 March 2016

Easter Decorating

Over the weekend I had a chance to start on some Easter decorating and I had such a fun time. I'd love to show every little bit to you but here are a few of my favorite spots.
 On my hall table I added my bird cages, a chalkboard canvas and some Easter egg honeycomb hangers. I'm in love with these, I got them from Kmart and they are so much fun, such beautiful bright colours!
 To them I added some tissue paper flowers that I made, I just hot glued them straight on the front.
 I created a flower wall out of tissue paper and a little crape paper. I have wanted to make a flower wall for such a long time, Easter seemed like a great opportunity to do it.
The aqua and silver tassel garland on the mantle is also from Kmart. I added a hanging branch that hangs over our dining room table, I'm really loving this- of course I had to add smaller flowers to this to match the wall!
On my table is a basket of paper mache eggs that I hope to paint some more in the next few days. I am loving that most of my decorating is done now I can enjoy a few smaller crafty projects like these paper mache eggs when ever I feel like it and the boys may even help me.

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