Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Project Life: Week Three

I'm Back with week three of my project life using the app.
Oh this week was so much fun! Blake, my eldest son turned 11 (gasp!!) and all he wanted to do was see the latest Star Wars movie and play in my brothers pool with his cousins. My gorgeous nieces were doing lots of amazing tricks into the pool and I managed to capture some of them on video!
 I am loving that I can just add some photos and some simple journalling and filler cards in the app to finish a page so quickly! I'm not feeling like I am missing the paper aspect of it yet because I am still scrapbooking and playing in my travellers notebook. I definitely don't have that horrible 'I'm behind' feeling that I used to always have. And the few times that I have had that feeling it is remedied in five minutes, because that is how long it takes to catch up. If I wasn't scrapbooking I would probably want to stay doing project life in physical form because I just love paper but that really is not bothering me at all. This is purely about keeping our memories.
So far this is turning out to be an awesome solution for me!

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