Sunday, 12 February 2017

Project Life: Week Two

So far I am really enjoying doing my project life in the app and it is definitely so much easier to keep up with memory keeping! Getting up here on the blog is another issue all together lol!
 My biggest issue is remembering to take photos during the week, some weeks have ben severely lacking since the start of the year. I was taking so many pictures towards the end of the year I guess that I have fallen off of the bandwagon! 
My journalling isn't perfect but I'm not so worried about it- don't let perfect be the enemy of good, right?! I have been thinking about weather to just get these printed as seperate pages, I feel like they are a little lacking as far as i would normally embellish- I was kind of thinking I could add embellishments to printed pages but probably couldn't if I get them printed in a book. I'm still undecided!

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