Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Door Bunny

Instead of an Easter wreath for my front door I thought it would be cute to hang a bunny on my door.
 Somehow I only managed to get a few photos from the beginning stages of making the bunny but I think you could make a similar one from the pictures
 To make my bunny I used:
a large cardboard box
a texta to draw
a craft knife
hot glue gun
and a handmade paper flower
 I cut extra pieces of cardboard for the ears, eyes, nose. I've used felt on the nose ears and feet and then used paint to create the eyes and mouth
 I've hot glued the the pieces on to the bunny and hot glued the head onto the body and also hot glued some string on the back so that I could tie the bunny onto the door.
 It came together pretty quickly, I think there is still plenty of time to make one for your door. You could decorate the bunny how ever you like, it would be cute with a bow or even make a boy bunny and put a bow tie on him.
I think I might make some eater bunting to go under the bunny to add a little more cuteness to my door!

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