Sunday, 15 March 2015

On My Table: Flowers

I have had an abundance of flowers lately which is a little unusual because usually most of the flowers in my home come straight from my garden. But with this long summer there really isn't any flowers in my garden. 
 My lovely friend Nell (hi Nell!) gave me some of the most gorgeous roses from her garden and they were just divine, they smelt divine too and they reminded me so much of my Nana, she used to love flowers too and she always would have flowers on her dining room table and around her home from her garden. My Grandfather used to grow her roses and  all sorts of other flowers but I always remember him growing her sweet peas and it was so sweet of him because they used to give him hay fever and make him sneeze.
 I'd also stumbled across these roses at my local supermarket and just had to treat myself!
The other night my hubby came home with another bunch of flowers just to make my day a little more pink! Oh I have been spoilt but it is always so lovely to be a little spoilt!!

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