Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Table Center Peice

I'm terrible with table center pieces, I always forget them for any type of occasion. I always dream of having amazing bunches of gorgeous flowers in the middle of my table but well it never really ends up happening. 
 So this Easter I thought I would make a simple center piece that I could make with things I already have. At the moment I have a circular mobile hanging over the table so I thought a circular center piece made sense.I already had this pink metal container from Ikea so I began with that.
 I cut some bunnies from gold glitter paper and hot glued some sticks to them. Cut a circle from cardboard and then used that to cut some fake grass. I stuffed the container with some newspaper and then layered the cardboard then the grass on top then skewered the bunnies through the grass and used some hot glue to hold the bunnies in place.
 I then added some wool bows to the bunnies and some ribbon and wool to the outside of the container. Lastly I just had to add these cute polka dot gold caramel eggs! Though I won't be able to leave them in there my boys will eat them!
 I really like the idea of having a low center piece so that people can talk over it and still see each other. This was another quick make that really didn't take long and add a little extra to my Easter table!

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