Monday, 9 March 2015

Easter Series: Make a Bunny Jar

This is a fun and cute idea that I found over on Pinterest that I just had to try myself.
 Here is what you will need to make a Bunny Jar:

*Some little animals to go on top, some rabbits, chickens, ducks and lambs would be cute.
*Some clean dry jars.
*Some tissue paper or paper straw.
*Things to decorate your jar with like Washi tape or ribbon.
*Easter eggs to fill your jar with.
*Hot Glue
 Here is how you can make one yourself:

*Find a clean jar, for this one I have used a plain gold lid. I make a few more that had lids with writing on them so I painted them, you could also spray paint them, cover them in paper, cover them in fabric or even washi tape.

*Hot glue your little animal on to the top of the lid.

*Add tissue papper or paper straw to the bottom of the jar.

*Decorate the jar I have used some gold washi tape on this one and a gold paper ribbon.

*Pop some Easter eggs inside the jar I have used eggs with similar colors to give a cohesive look.

*Put the lid on the jar and you are done!
Its such a fun cute way to give an Easter gift this year.
Happy Making!

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  1. cute jars.I made some with some of Aidans farmyard and zoo animals glued them onto the lid and sprayed them with bright paint.We filled a heap of these jars up with jelly beans for our school fete and omg they sold out-love dee xx