Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Weekend Adventures

Its been all very exciting here recently because we bought a new car!!! Since we live in the country and we both have to travel long distances each day our car had done a lot of kilometers and it was time. My hubby was super excited to take our new car 'bluebell' out on her first easy 4 wheel drive adventure.
 We drove down to deep creek conservation park and then all the way down to blowhole beach- the last part was very steep driving (I hated it!!!) but we were rewarded at the end with a beautiful little beach!
 My boys loved this beach they are super keen to go back, Blake with his fishing gear and Luke with swimmers on! Blake was content to climb on and explore the rocks and Luke was happy playing at the waters edge and getting his clothes a little too wet!
 The weather was lovely it was one of the first few spring days here, so we were all keen to be out and about soaking up all the lovely sunshine!
Im looking forward to more adventuring in our new and more able car! if only I could craft in the car!!

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