Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ballerina Birthday Gift

Over the weekend I whipped up this ballerina for a little girl who had a ballerina birthday party.
Felt is one of my favourite things work with and I love being able to snuggle up and sew away, its something you cant really do with scrapbooking. Its got such a nice feel to it, you just need somewhere nice to snuggle and a nice cup of tea!
I love sewing things up like this! It was just too much fun to be able to make something super girly and pink! I added a flower crown and a ballerina t-shirt that I had made with my silhouette to this gift but I think the ballerina went down the best with the birthday girl!
I was pretty excited that one of my goals for this year has started out nicely, to mostly give handmade gifts. It also mad my week knowing that my gift was enjoyed!
I'll hopefully be back soon sharing the flower crown that I made for her too :)

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