Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mamie Made: An Advent House

With all of the advent activities that we are going to be doing I thought it would be nice if i had somewhere to deliver them to, sort of like a post box. A place that the boys can go to each day to find their activity.

After a discussion about which activities all three of my boys (hubby included) wanted and didn't want to do this year  it was specifically decided that nobody wanted to make a gingerbread house this year so I figured that I could make a cute little home for the advent activities instead.
 Its still a work in progress, it still needs window treatments on the sides and some pretty decorations to make it more Christmassy but it is well on the way. Also the roof entirely comes off so that the kids can reach inside and pull out the activity. I'm also thinking it would look cute lit up at night with some lights inside!
 Don't you think that a sweet little potted real tree and a reindeer would look totally cute next to my advent house! I'm just trying to convince myself to spend the money on a reindeer ;-)

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  1. Yes to the reindeer! I love this and it's super clever :)
    P.s. My first comment vanished :(