Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mamie Made Christmas: Simple (and Cheap) Tags

I've just begun my Christmas wrapping and I am feeling a little organised, not quite there yet but definitely on the way. This year I bought some tags some beautiful shiny gold stars, I bought two packs each with ten stars in it.
 So I spent the morning wrapping teachers gifts etc and used up a whole pack of tags and well these tags weren't cheap (and I probably could make them myself with my silhouette) but anyway they save time right?
 So I devised a new plan that will work for any gifts, gifts that you would like to look a little pretty or all of those little gifts you give to your kids. Generally all those little gifts for your kids you really just want to get their name on it so you know who it belongs to. 
 So did you spot the little tag? Yep that little pennant shaped gold its a little tag, popped under a handmade tissue paper decoration. And they are so easy to make, they literally only take a second to make and you will already have out everything you need to make it when you are doing your gift wrapping
 So to begin with cut some of your gift wrapping paper, this gold paper was from Woolworth's and was only about $3. You want to cut a strip that is about 10cm wide for a small tag- it can be as long as you like. 
 Fold it in half then cut a small piece off, mine are about 3cms.
 Simply cut a pennant shape into the little piece of wrapping paper.
 Write inside of it!
 Then attach it to your gift, either with sticky tape or with some double sided tape.
These gifts have pretty decorations on them so I can stick these tags under the decoration but for my boys small gifts I simply sticky taped the tag to the top right of the gift with no other decoration.
This one has a simple raffia bow and some washi tape.
This has got to be the quickest and cheapest tag I've ever made and I love that they can match the wrapping completely.
So there you go I hope this helps and you find ways to simplify your wrapping this christmas!

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