Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mamie Made Christmas: Getting Started

The last few months here have been a lot of fun crafting and there has been a lot of dreaming. Unfortunately my computer hasn't really been  up to the task of recording it all, I really need a new one but oh well it will have to wait! So while I have been away from the computer I have been thinking and planning for Christmas. What else is a girl to do in a freezing cold Australian winter??
 All this cold weather has inspired me to create a kind of winter wonderland village in my family room this Christmas. So I have begun lots of planning and lots of making so that I'm all organised to create a magical room come  Christmas time.This kind of thing takes lots of time so its great to be getting an early relaxed start on it!
 So far I have made a starry mobile to hang over our dining table and a wintery village to sit on the table directly under the starry mobile. I have also been thinking that some lights would look lovely hanging from the mobile too, we will see how we go. I am planning on buying lots of lights this year so I guess we will have to see how far the lights budget can stretch ;-)
As I finish each thing I have been popping them away with our Christmas decorations, I am hoping that when I pull them all out on decoration day I will surprise myself with how much I've done and also keeping a little bit of mystery so that when my boys see it all there will be an element of wonder for them!

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