Thursday, 16 April 2015


Its school holiday time here and I've had a little more time to do some fun things. I was feeling like my crafty mojo had left me but it came back just in time for school holidays
 So I've been playing with paint, which is always fun! In my younger years I did an advanced diploma in Visual Arts and when I went there I had hoped to learn to paint better but I ended up doing ceramics as my major. Yes I can make you a ceramic bowl too :-) Anyway its been a really long time since I have put paintbrush to paper for anything a little more serious.
 Truthfully I stopped creating paintings because I didn't like anything that I painted and that got really frustrating. Of course I love to play with paint and colour on smaller projects but I hadn't done anything of this size for a long long time.
 It was lovely to create something in just a few hours and not take myself too seriously, just let it be what it is. Its not elegant, its not perfectly painted but it does make me happy. It does have polka dots on it so how could it not make me happy haa!
I also made two smaller paintings but I really struggled because I only had a large paintbrush here. They are cute anyway. Have you painted anything lately? It is so much fun to put paint to paper.

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  1. Amie wow I learn something different about you all the time-paintings are lovely-dee xxx