Friday, 24 April 2015

Rainbow Pavlova

I found a recipe in the latest issue of recipes+ right before Easter for this fabulous Rainbow Pavlova Cake and even though I am not the biggest fan of pavlova I just couldn't stop thinking about this recipe and just had to make it for Easter. 
I've never made a pavlova before, yup this was my first attempt! I was pretty happy with it! I didn't have most of the extra ingredients but I just went with it and it was fine. 
 It turned out being about 20 cm in diameter or about the size of a normal cake but a bit higher.
So here is the recipe:

8 egg whites
2 cups of caster sugar
blue, green, yellow and red food colouring
600 ml of thickened cream
1 tsp of Vanilla essence
Strawberries or any fruit that you like to decorate.

Also you can add 1 tbs of cornflour and 2 tsp of white vinegar to the pavlova mixture. I didn't have it on hand so I didn't add it. i believe it helps to stabilize the mixture.
And the recipe calls for food colouring gels but I only had liquid and it was fine.

Preheat the oven to 120c/100c fan forced. 
Line four baking trays and mark  four 20cm circles with a pencil around a plate.
Using an Electric mixer beat the egg whites in a clean dry bowl adding the sugar slowly until its dissolved and the eggs have firm peaks.
Divide mixture into 4 portions and one colour to each potion, spread out onto 20cm circles.
Bake for 1 1/2 hours until dry to touch.
You may need to swap trays around during baking time to keep everything even.
Let pavlovas cool before assembling.
Beat cream with vanilla.
Assemble the pavlova by adding cream in between layers then decorate the top with strawberries and sprinkles.
Then Eat!

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