Saturday, 25 April 2015

Snail Mail Outgoing!

Don't get me  wrong I absolutely love my boys, I love that they are adventurous, funny, cheeky I love that they just wanna be like there daddy, I love that they play together and love together and I love that I am the princess of the house since I am the only girl here. But many days lately, now that my boys are getting older and are able to do more fun adventurous things (and probably because they don't need me so much now) I wish that there was another girl in the house.
 So to help myself get a little girl fix I thought it would be cool to send a little snail mail to my nieces who are four and six. You know because its always exciting to get something in the mail. My boys LOVE getting things in the mail.
 So I found some stickers and Barbie chocolate coins the other day and they became the starting point for some girly snail mail. I popped the chocolate in the coral striped bags and stapled a Kaiser Craft project Life card on the front.
 I also made a little paper book with their names on that they can write or draw in. And I made some cards with some project life cards and wrote a little note in there.
This was such fun to put together and I am hoping that they like it, if they do I think there must be more snail mail girly adventures. It makes my heart happy to make fun cute girly things!

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