Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Make It Christmas: #1 Star Ornaments

First things first, I have to say a quick word about your theme for the year, I know its too early to be thinking of such things but really having a theme is the best way to achieve a cohesive look at Christmas, it would be confusing to be put modern  wrapped pressies under a traditional tree!  For me this is the most important thing, it takes a lot of stress out if you decide this super early because you can then plan for it.
You can see my post about Christmas themes here. Or My post about Christmas planning here

Taking off from last year I thought it would be fun to make some felt ornaments first up. What I love most about them is that they can be a pretty gift in themselves, there are people who I like to give more than a card to but just a little something extra and this is where a cute felt ornament works well. I also LOVE attaching them to gifts, using them to decorate the packaging or wrapping! Usually most of my felt ornaments get given as gifts, I may keep one or two .

What you will need:
Scissors and thread
Felt in a variety of colours
Ribbon or thread for the loop at the top
Bells are optional
Pattern (at the bottom of the post)

So here's how to make them:
 Cut star shapes from felt using the pattern
Cut two the same size to be the front and back of your star and then cut extra for layering in different sizes.

Layer as many star shapes as you like together, sew them on to the front piece using whatever different stitches you like, or you could simply glue the layer pieces to the front of the star.
 At this pint you could also sew on a bell.
Stitch the front to the back piece leaving a hole to stuff. Once stuffed continue stitching the ornament closed. You can then add a piece of ribbon or string to hang the ornament.

I've made four stars and some of them I have popped through the minc and added some gold foil. I simply used some double sided fabric adhesive that I put through the minc on top of the felt then again with the foil on top of that. It has a cool effect and works really well.

Ok, so this is no fancy smancy blog, I have hand drawn a pattern for you. Its not perfect, it totally has my own hand writing on it and also this is my first ever PDF so don't kill me ok?? ;)
Star Ornament Here

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  1. Oh I am going shopping tomorrow for some felt. My stash is looking a bit low to do these ones justice! I love them!!! I have just sat and read the last 5 or so posts on your blog (I am WAY behind in my blog reading) and every single one of them has made my heart smile! I've got a cold and I was thinking of just lounging tonight, but I think I might create something now. xx