Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Make It Christmas: The Plan

Last year I created a challenge for myself to create 180 ornaments and honestly I thought I would completely fail, I thought that I wouldn't be able to keep up with it and I thought that I would totally flop! but some how I managed to make it the year and create 180 ornaments to go on the tree, funnily enough I ended up having a real tree for the first time and I ended up using only about half of what I made because I wanted the tree to be the star! Never fear they will be treasured for years to come. 

A Christmas Pinata that I made for some little people in my life
This year I wanted to create a new challenge for myself but after creating 180 ornaments I was ready for a break from thinking about Christmas. I have been spending a lot of time seriously thinking about Christmas for the last two years. Obviously I am quite passionate about it! I've analysed why I love it so much and why I love to make things for Christmas, why I love to make it such a special time. And it boils down to this: the feeling of love in my home and in my heart is so magical and so special that It is worth all that I do to create it. I want the people around me to feel that love that is shared and have special memories from it.

Christmas Eve Dinner table all set
Creating that magical feeling brings  me so so much joy!

The truth is that I can not create that feeling overnight, it is almost impossible to create it if you leave it till the month of December. When I organize and create everything prior to the season I find that December becomes so much more enjoyable, it takes that horrible sting out of Christmas that everyone else is complaining about and opens up a beautiful stretch of days where my family and I can enjoy each other, where my children's excitement is growing, intentional love fills the space between my husband and I and we have an inviting place to spend time with family and friends.
Our Hall table with a reindeer I drew
 My favorite thing to give is something handmade, making something from an idea to something tangible feels amazing! And I'm not saying that I make all of my gifts-most of them are bought but adding some extra love with some pretty gift wrapping or a card or tag, its all those little things that really add up for me.
My kids Advent Calendar
And so I decided that I would like to go on an adventure this year and really bring all the things I've been thinking about together. So I am Challenging myself to create one Christmas thing a week until Christmas and share it right here every week.There are  about 34 weeks left, I'm hoping to do 38 things.I have lots of ideas and hopefully some inspiration. 
I  really hope you'll come with me on my adventure and I hope that I can make it!!

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