Sunday, 22 May 2016

Project Lifeing

I recently started using the project life app that I've had sitting on my phone for months. After meeting Becky I was super inspired to just make it simple again. I so often over complicate scrapbooking but really my goal is just to keep memories and all that really takes is pictures and words.
 I'd like to think that I could create albums that have both physical project life pages, digital project life pages and traditional scrapbook pages. And to just go with what works for me at the time, not get hung up on it but keep the focus on documenting memories and less on feeling like I should do things one way or another.
 The truth is that I LOVE it all. I love being able play with different ways of doing things. sometimes I love being more creative and sometimes I just wanna get it done. Both ways are great! 
These last two I've put into a book of our holiday last year in Queensland,My mother and hubby both took photos and then shared them with me and I was able to use photos from the three of us! I loved that I was able to get so many photos into one book using the app. 

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  1. These photo pages look great, i have never heard of that tool before for scrapbooking, you have done a great job.