Sunday, 31 July 2016

Christmas Challenge #1: Shaker Card

Im keeping it super simple for the first day of my challenge I made a shaker card!
I've been seeing so many cool shaker things around the internet, calling my name to make something shaker! Only one problem: I filled the shaker card so much that it doesn't shake a lot, but hey its a plain card I think it looks nice with all of that sparkly goodness able to be seen. 
I used a star die to cut the shape then backed it with some clear packaging then added some foam adhesive around the back of the star. That made a spot to add the sequins to then I just backed it with a piece of card. All done!
I'm so happy that I've made one small step towards my christmas goals! I'll see you tomorrow with my next little christmas make!

1 comment:

  1. Remind me to show you a super easy way to do shaker cards next time I see you. Cute card!