Sunday, 31 July 2016

Christmas Challenge

This year I was hoping to get 40 christmas things made, one a week each week, it just hasn't happened so immediate action is going to be taken! Ha Ha!I feel like may be I made it a little too easy for myself and now I feel like I really want to focus on it. It might just be that I have had enough of a break or it might be that I feel like the year is flying by but when I heard Elsie Joy's podcast about her 100 day Project my ears just couldn't help but tell my brain "YOU MUST DO IT!!!" So I'm going to be delving deep and creating 100 Christmas things. Im really excited about it!

So my guidelines are to complete 100 Christmas things AND share it!
It can be one small thing, like a card, a felt thing or a tag OR when I have more time it could be a set of things or a gift.
A thing a day for the next 100 days- that takes me to November 7th, yep november 7th! That is when I usually like to have all of my christmas stuff stitched up by anyway. So there is no time to delay!! :) I really want to get to the end of this year having finished one big thing that I wanted to achieve off of my list.
So may be if you had a goal that you wanted to achieve this year  but haven't quite got there or if you have something that you would like to achieve in the second part of this year now is the time to
 re-evaluate and think about the things you'd like to get done!

This is the beginning of my 100 days of christmas challenge!

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