Friday, 10 June 2016

She Scraps- playing with fringing

Recently I have been watching a tonne of scrapbooking videos, I find them super inspiring and they just make me want to jump right up and go and scrapbook right away! My lovely hubby has been encouraging me to create my own you tube video of my scrapbooking and I have to say that I was petrified to even think about it but I LOVE watching scrapbook videos so I kinda thought why not?? 
So I made one!!! I learnt a tonne. I'll tell you its not perfect but I've never edited a video or done a voice over so it was super fun to make. A learning process but still FUN!
So if you would like to see me scrap this page you can check it out right here! My first Video!
Of course its my first video so Id love it if you gave me a like!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I really love the music! ITs so fun to watch you work!

  2. Thanks Sparkles! I was super nervous to make my first video!! ;-)