Thursday, 16 June 2016

She Scraps- Six in One minus One!

The other day I challenged myself to create SIX layouts in ONE day, the most that I've ever done in one day is about 4. Usually I will only get one done in a day so six was a stretch!
This post only has five of the pages because one of the pages was done side by side with my little guy Luke who happens to be Autistic and one of his favorite things to do is make- especially cutting and glueing, any way I will pop that up in my next post.

 Pretty much every layout was done by grabbing five- I've been super inspired by Inkie Quill's totally awesome grab five videos you can see them here! This top one was using Dear Lizzy Happy Place, I'm loving this collection- the colours are just so me! I love how fun and bright it is!Oh and I created that painty circle by painting on the edge of a paper plate and then stamping it on the page- so fun!

I really wanted to use a large hand cut title on this one. Loving this picture of my Son and Hubby on his birthday and love that I happened to have some doughnut stickers ( I think they are Amy Tangerine?) Since my Hubby wanted doughnuts for his cake.
There is a whole pile of Freckled Fawn on this one, I had no idea how I was going to use those arrows because I didn't really love the colour of them, but I used them all up! YAY!
Oh My Gosh, how super stressful is it to scrap pictures of your favorite scrappy peeps!I had to keep reminding myself that I can print the photos again if I stuff it up but phew I think its all ok!

 And finally this one is going in the birthday album! Woo Hooo! So glad that is ticked off of my to do list!
You know what is awesome about grabbing five products and having to use them? You actually use them!!! I know crazy right?

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