Sunday, 9 October 2016

Christmas Challenge #36: Christmas Crowns

This year, well actually I end up making bon bons every year but last year was the first year that I made crowns for inside the bonbons. Last year we made them very similar out of tissue paper and they worked out really well. I was a little hesitant about making them out of tissue paper but they ended up lasting better than the ones you get inside of bought bon bons.
 I simply cut a bunch of stars and some zig zaggy white tissue paper and then measured my kids. Then just sticky taped them together and glued on the star.
These are super dooper cheap to make, you could even uses some recycled tissue paper from a gift, what a fun way to use things up!
 And seriously who wears the crowns in bon bons for more than one Christmas meal, my kids do especially love seeing grown ups wear them though!

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