Sunday, 9 October 2016

Monster Puppet Making!

 Yesterday was my sons birthday and one of his biggest requests mostly because he is a huge fan of Mister Maker was that he wanted to make something at his party.
 He really didn't care what he made he just wanted to make something. So I decided that we would make monster puppets.
 I bought a 10 pack of felt and sewed up a bunch of puppets ready to go and then with the left over felt I cut circles, triangles, stars, and other shapes and popped them in my tupperware container with some pom poms, stickers and googly eyes. I also popped some decent fast drying glue and scissors on the table.
Some of the little ones needed a little help putting the glue on but other than that they all had fun coming up with their own creations!
I cant decide which one is my favourite, but a tummy full of eyes does seem pretty great ;)

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