Sunday, 2 October 2016

Spring Wreath.

I've been a little absent here in September, I had a lot of changes going on in our little home including my husband working from home quite a bit and my boys being sick. Its been quite an adjustment for me and though I love having them all here it has made my normal routines a bit of a mess.
Anyway there has still been crafting happening here! There is always crafting happening here!
I have this white wreath hanging on my door since christmas and I had thought that it would be a lovely wreath to be able to change up with the seasons. Since it is spring here I wanted to add some colourful flowers and make it look happy and bright.
I simply bought a couple of cheap bunches of flowers from the cheap store and  pulled them apart by twisting the wire until I broke the stems apart. I have my pretty scissors here but I didn't end up using them because I didn't want to ruin them, some snippy pliers (very technical term, ha haa) would be much better but as I said I ended up just twisting them until the wire broke off.
Then I simply wound the flowers into the wreath. I guess I could have hot glued them but I want to be able to change this up for christmas so winding them in means that I will be able to pull them out and it has been enough to keep them put.
 This was a fun project and was finished in about 10 minutes and then hung straight back up on my front door.
 For just a few dollars I have a pretty colourful wreath, springy and happy. Especially nice since it hasn't stopped bucketing down here and we have had storms and flooding in little old south Australia ;)

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