Sunday, 21 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #17: A Fishy Gift

Hi! Today I am sharing a fishy game that I made for my son. This one has been a WIP so I am so glad that I finally finished it and can now pop it away for xmas!
 How I made it: I simply cut a bunch of fish shapes our of felt and lots of fins, dots and stripes. I sewed them all together and added a washer into the mouth of the fish when I stuffed them and sewed them shut. I took two small lengths of wood that I purchased at the hardware store and painted them, then added some line and a magnet on the end. I then hot glued the red hook onto the magnet to cover it.
 I'm happy with how these turned out and happy that they are finally done and my son will be able to play with them!
 I'm also super excited that I have another handmade gift to pop away! YAY for handmade gifts!!!
I just can not wait to see him playing with it!

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