Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Christmas Challenge#19: Our Theme

Our theme this year is 'THE SOUND OF STARS'
This years theme was thought of my by eldest boy. He loves the song  We Three Kings and he loves the part that talks about the 'star of wonder' and so the theme was built around that. So I thought it would be fun to give each of our christmas trees a song that has the star mentioned in it and decorate around that song. Then each tree (and room) has a colour theme to go with that.
Im just using what I already have and mixing it up and then just using what I make during my christmas challenge. So here is what I am thinking for each tree/ room.

Tree One 
Song: We Three Kings
Colour: lots of colour, pink blue, purple etc

Tree Two
Song: O holy Night
Colour:Metallic- gold, rose gold and silver
Tree Three
Song: Noel
Colour: Red, White and Black.
So I hope that helps to make sense of some of the things I am making and the colour choices I am making with the christmas challenge. 

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