Friday, 26 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #22: Advent Memory Journey

This Advent idea  is all about putting up a photo a day for advent. A visual memory journey! 
This could be such an awesome one for anyone - with kids, without kids, old or young. This could be awesome if you are single- it could remind you how much love you've shared and it could also be awesome for someone far away- you could totally pop this one in the post for someone far away to enjoy, you could make this so heart warming!
I've made this with photos that all include my children, I thought my children would love to see a kind of time line of christmas's past that they have enjoyed, so they could see all of the magical things that we have done over the years. So it begins in 2006 when my son Blake was nearly one but this could be so cool if you had just one photo from each year so that it spanned 25 years, it would also be so cool to have photos from your own childhood or even photos of your parents from before you were born! (or even of your grand parents)
You could make this with a theme- 'times together', 'christmas morning' photos or even 'before you knew me' just keep it as one photo a year from the last 25 years.
 If I'd thought about this I could have printed these photos out much smaller and even a square shape so that they were all more cohesive looking on my printer on probably about 3 A4 sheets of photo paper but I ended up using my cannon selphy printer to create my Advent Memory Journey.

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