Thursday, 25 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #21: Advent Activity Ideas

Over the next few days I am going to be focusing on creating our Advent calendars. The Advent calendar itself can be as unique to you as what is inside the calendar or what the activity is.
You may just want to go with a simple chocolate or something more elaborate.
Pinterest is an awesome place to find great ideas for gorgeous Advent calendars- you can see my pinterest board here!
 But lets begin with some advent activity ideas before I get started on making some advent calendars.

Advent Puzzle: You could find a puzzle that has 25/50/100 pieces and pop a few pieces into each day of the calendar so that on christmas day you have a completed puzzle. My boys would love this!
Or you could get 1000 piece puzzle and have it out over advent and try to do a bit everyday of advent.

Books: Ok so we've seen the awesome book advent idea where you wrap up 25 christmas books for your kids and then they get to open and read one each day, totally cool! But what about if you chose and awesome christmas novel and read a chapter or two each day. This could be great for adults or kids or even a great family activity, a special way to connect each day over advent.

Songs: Our theme for this year is "The Sound of Stars" so I have been thinking of choosing a song for each day that mentions stars in it and making it a sort of game for the kids by writing the name down on a piece of paper and popping it in their advent calendar then they could find the star in the song.
You could just choose 25 favourite christmas songs and play one each day. This would be a super low effort but fun way to make advent feel special.

Memories: I love the idea of creating a christmas memory box, wouldn't this be such a special keepsake! You could do this prior to christmas or you could do this during christmas in either of these two ways.
1. Write down 25 of your favourite xmas memories and pop it in your advent calendar and share with your love ones.
or 2. Take turns in writing down one memory each day of advent and pop it into a box so that by christmas you have a variety of memories that you could pull out again next year.

Tea and Chocolate: Now I know that chocolate is far from a new idea for advent but this idea is more about you choosing something that you really love and enjoying that everyday. For me it's tea so I want to put a variety of tea into my calendar and I will be purposely taking the time each day to enjoy a delicious cup of tea. For my husband it is chocolate so I will find some special chocolates or chocolates that he doesn't eat often. Just something a little bit different to give advent a different feel.

Lego: This is not my idea but I just love it so I had to add it- it could be basically free most kids have lego right?  This one is totally cool! and This one here is awesome! The kids would LOVE it! All it is going to take is a little organisation!
You could totally do this idea with some other kind of toy that your kids already love, set up a cute christmas scene slowly by popping a toy for each day into the calendar OR just use your kids toys by writing an instruction and pop into each day- like "find your doll and add sit it under the blocks christmas trees that we made yesterday". I don't have girls but I imagine that shopkins or my little pony or even barbie would be awesome for this- Oh I wish I could make a girly one!!!!
So Fun!

I'll will be focusing on getting the advent calendars done, since the calendar themselves and whats inside the calendar can be two completely different things!

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