Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #18: Christmas Stars

This one comes a little randomly,  but when your son takes it into his own hands to cut 50 stars for you, you don't say no to that right?Ok so he didn't cut them by hand but he did cut them with a die cutter and it was quite thick cardboard so it took a bit of force, I think he did very well!
So I have this idea to create a kind of mobile above our table this year, I want it to be quite the feature of the room and I want it to be a  big bunch of clouds with stars hanging down.
 I made a starry mobile last year but this year I am going bigger and colourful!
 Alas I had wanted them to be all painted and done when I shared them but they have taken me a few days of painting them and waiting for them to dry only to have to do another coat. And I've not yet painted both sides! AHHHH! Thats ok though Im ok with doing these over a bit longer period of time. It will be ok!
SO my question is to glitter or not to glitter?

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