Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #20: Our Advent

I happen to be a bit of an Advent fanatic, not surprising considering all of this christmas stuff right ;)

My boys every year do a christmas activity advent . I usually come up with 25 different ideas that would suit us then I sit down with the years calendar and work out which day each activity would be best on. For the first part of advent the boys are at school so the activities are usually easy and short, because by this time of the year they are tired, once school is finished they are always pretty up for some cool crafty activities to keep them busy. This year my eldest son has requested more crafting activities, who am I to say no to that request? ;) So what I have done in the past is pop a choccie and a description of the activity in a numbered bag these stay on display somewhere in the house so that the boys can keep track of where we are up to. Then I pop the materials in our "Advent house"(you can see it here!) each day. I may just add some of my other ideas into this years advent- I know that seems crazy but I can not help myself lol!
This is the kids christmas advent from last year, each one was a little house!

The last couple of years my hubby and I have had our own advent, (here is 2014's advent choccies) We have really enjoyed this (yes even my hubby has enjoyed it!) and so we will be doing it again this year. I really love having something to do during advent that makes the time different and distinct from the rest of the year. I think the key to getting any man to like this is to play right towards things he likes. My hubby is a chocolate lover so each day there is a different chocolate in the calendar for him, I'm dairy and sugar free so I buy this awesome carob!! and get to have one every day. Last year I added in some different questions each day like; 'What is your favourite christmas memory?' and "What was your favourite christmas gift as a child?' they were just simple things and we ended up talking about them each night as we went to bed, it was a really lovely way to wind down from the day and have a nice conversation.
This was the our christmas advent, this picture doesn't do it justice- it was pretty!

This year my  hubby and I have decided to do  a christmas puzzle during advent. I got this one here! because its got lots of colour, I really loved this one! but I didn't know if I could handle all the white. I REALLY wanted this one here but didn't want to spend the extra on it!
Then I started thinking would it be nice to add chocolate and tea to our puzzle time each day so I may just find a different tea for me and choccie for my hubby (I'll stick to carob). I may even jump over the edge and add a different question to talk about while we are puzzling each day!
So be warned the next few days are going to be all about advent :)
Have you decided what you are doing for advent?

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