Thursday, 11 August 2016

Christmas Challenge #8: Felt Christmas Food

I had this crazy hankering to make a christmas doughnut, I know, who knew you could have a hankering for such a thing? But I had to satisfy my crafty soul and make a felt christmassy doughnut.
 Once I'd made one I thought a plate full would be a cool christmas decoration. I can't eat gluten or sugar so I thought it would look cute on the coffee table on a pretty plate.
I also thought that these could be an awesome christmas gift for a kid who loves to play 'going out for coffee'! Do kids still have tea parties these days? Anyway I'm sure there are some little people out there who would love to feed these to their dolls! So the next few days of the challenge are going to be all about creating  set of yummy felty christmas foodie things!

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